Wedding in Beverly Hills

Ideas for a Luxury Wedding in Beverly Hills

Luxury weddings have the ability to push the envelope and “wow” guests with elements they don’t expect. Consider these 6 ideas for your luxury wedding.

1. Add Bling to Stationery
Elevate traditional stationery by adorning it with ribbons or jeweled brooches. Wrap the invitations, menus and place cards in these elegant accents and consider adding the same to the décor, cake or centerpieces.

2. Get Creative with Lighting
Few things look more chic than a monochromatic color scheme (black and white or shades of cream and gold), but you can also add a fun, youthful element with colorful lighting. Work with your lighting specialist to decide when to colorize a specific area, like the dance floor during the announcements or the cake station for the cutting.

3. Go Against Your Venue
Your location and theme don’t have to match. For example, you may want a gorgeous beach setting so you can exchange vows by the ocean, but when it’s time for the ceremony, you may want a totally different style, like a New York supper club. With the right wedding planner or designer, you can transform just about any space into the reception of your dreams.

4. Invest in Quality Table Linens
Most venues will provide linens, but for a truly luxurious look and feel, consider purchasing or ordering high quality linens of your own. Think stylish lace or embellished fabric, which have the ability to heighten the feel of the reception.

5. Pass Out Vintage Handkerchiefs
There may not be a dry eye in the ceremony as you exchange your vows, but you can help everyone out by giving them vintage handkerchiefs as they make their way into the ceremony.

6. Take the Outdoors Inside
A garden ceremony isn’t always possible depending on your location or the weather. There’s no reason why you can’t bring outdoor elements inside, though. Create a garden with hanging flowers, ivy, topiary trees, and hedge walls around the perimeter of the room (they make for excellent photo backdrops, too). Choose colors that coordinate with the outdoor theme, like pretty shades of green for linens.

Wondering where to place the focus?
Think about the element of your wedding that’s most important to you. If it’s dancing, have an elevated dance floor built; if it’s dining, work with your caterer to come up with a custom menu.