Wedding Lighting Ideas

Wedding Lighting Ideas

How to Elevate Your Luxury Wedding with Lighting

Interesting wedding lighting has the power to truly transform the look of your wedding. Thoughtful illumination can elevate the appearance of everything and everyone, from your cake table to your bridal makeup. For many couples, light fixtures are the most important décor element of a luxury wedding.

Specialty wedding lighting adds more than just drama and style; it also gives your space dimension, either through the fixtures themselves or the light they cast. This is especially important if you’re working with raw space or high ceilings, like in a converted warehouse or farmhouse. When planning out the lighting that’s best for your wedding, visit the venue at the same time of day or night when your wedding will be to get a feel for the natural light you can expect.

Chandeliers at Your Wedding Reception

No matter what type of wedding you’re having – elegant and romantic, edgy and modern, or something in between – there’s a chandelier to fit your motif. While you can try to find a venue that already has the type of chandeliers you’re after, you have a better chance of getting exactly what you want by choosing your venue and then working with a pro to upgrade it with lighting. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you don’t have to forgo your chandelier plan, either. As long as you have access to power and a hanging point (a strong tree limb, porch or gazebo), you can suspend a chandelier either directly from the hanging point or with the help of transparent rope. Can’t locate a power source? Consider hanging a chandelier that uses candles.

Unconventional Wedding Lighting Options

If you work with a lighting specialist, they may use terms you’re unfamiliar with: • Color Wash: Colored light that blankets an area, like the dance floor. • Gobo: Circular design, like your monogram, that’s shone on the ceiling, floor or wall. • LEDs: Vibrant hues or changing colors, sometimes used in flower arrangements. • Pin Spot: Light beam that focuses on a specific object, like an ice sculpture. • String Lighting: Light strands similar to Christmas lights or globe-shaped market lights.

There are even more out-of- the-ordinary lighting options to consider: candelabras, Edison bulbs, iron lanterns, marquee signs, paper lanterns, pre-lit tables and wall sconces, for starters.

One Last Tip

If you decide to go for alternative lighting that’s different from what the venue typically offers, make sure to let your photographer know about the changes.