10 Luxury Wedding Ideas You'll Want to Steal

Luxury Wedding Ideas

Luxury weddings are all about indulgence. Even the most chic, upscale wedding can always use another boost (or two) thanks to these extraordinary elements.

1. A cornerstone of luxury weddings is that no area goes undecorated. This includes the walkways your guests will take as they make their way to your ceremony and reception. Hang chandeliers, put up sheer curtains or line pathways with flowering trees.

2. Work with a floral designer to create a large-scale, dramatic, overhead garden that covers the ceiling. This will be gorgeous either at your ceremony venue or as a focal point in the reception room.

3. As you walk into your ceremony, make your entrance through romantic wrought-iron gates that have been covered from bottom to top in flowers. Bonus if you have a winding aisle instead of a straight one.

4. If your ceremony venue has a beautiful outdoor pool, set up a stage over it so that you can walk on – or at least above – water. If the pool is wide enough, a narrow stage will still show off the water on both sides.

5. Make your reception room look as lush as possible with gorgeous fabric draping. This will also make the space feel more intimate if the ceilings are extra high.

6. Have your engagement photos enlarged and printed on an alternative material, like canvas, wood or aluminum, then hang them in your reception room as a backdrop.

7. If your wedding is going to take place under a tent, work with a lighting specialist to project an image on its exterior. Alternatively, you can create a “tent” out of string lights.

8. Put flowers somewhere your guests will never expect: under their feet. Your wedding designer may be able to help you create a “new” floor by putting floral arrangements underneath glass that’s strong enough for everyone to walk on. 9. Recreate the night sky inside by having the ceiling outfitted with hundreds of tiny, twinkling lights. 10. Go big when it comes to the floral centerpieces you use on the tables. So long as they’re high enough to not interfere with your guests or their meals, you can use as many oversized, winding or cascading flowers as you like. When it comes to luxury weddings, if you can dream it up, you can find someone to make it come true.