Luxurious Wedding in Los Angeles

Luxurious Wedding in Los Angeles

Are you planning on throwing a luxurious wedding party? If yes then what better place to throw it that the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is one of the most romantic cities in the world and it is the perfect place to throw a celebrity or luxurious wedding. A luxury wedding offers an extraordinary experience for you and your guest.  A luxury wedding is aimed at meeting every guest expectation. Having a luxurious wedding party can be expensive but with proper budgeting it can be reduced to meet your financial capabilities without losing the excellent feel of a celebrity party. We are going to help you in making your dream luxury party come true by providing you with a step to step guide to follow for smooth planning of your wedding

Sixteen (16) – nine (9) months before wedding

  • Go through magazines and bridal life style for inspiration
  • Know your budget
  • Start preparing your guest list
  • Hire a wedding planner (optional): Los Angeles has lots of wedding planners and it is just a matter of how deep you search but you would definitely find one that is perfect for you
  • Choose a date
  • Reserve a venue:  choosing the perfect wedding venue should be a pretty easy job in Los Angeles as there are lots of outstanding places to host weddings. No matter the capacity of your guest or your preferred theme there is always a perfect venue in Los Angeles to fit in perfectly. One of the top place to hold an extravagant wedding is Saddlerock Ranch as it boast of 5oo capacity size and a perfect design for a luxurious wedding. Even celebrities make you of this venue for their ceremonies. And even if you are working on a low budget you can use Santa Monica State Beach which is free of charge. If you are using a wedding planner then you must fill them in on your preferred location so that they can take care of designs and logistics
  • Engagement party: you can have your engagement party at various venues in Los Angeles. Some amazing Los Angeles engagement photography locations are Arlington garden, Japanese garden, Pasadena City Hall, Malibu Creek state park, Santa Monica Pier, paramount ranch and so on

Eight months before wedding

  • Hire a photographer and a videographer
  • Meet with your caterers and make plans on what you want, do not forget you have to go extravagant on food as you would not want  wedding where some guests are not served
  • Wedding dress: When it comes to your wedding dress you have to be careful, look for a designer you can work with. Walk through their collections to see if they are perfect enough for you
  • Make reservations for your guest coming from out of town
  • Setup a wedding website info about your weddings like date, time venue and so on. Send link to potential guests

Seven – six months before

  • Hire a calligrapher to help design your invitation cards
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Make plans for transportation for both you and your guest. Since you are going for the luxury type of wedding then limousine is the perfect mode of transportation for you

Five – four months before

  • Check wedding invitation and make final changes
  • Select and order cake: make sure you pick a wedding cake that fit your wedding style and personal taste. Also don’t forget to consider the size of your guest. Your cake might look amazing but if it does not reach the whole guest then it is worthless and can ruin a perfect day
  • Send the wedding list to the host so they can know the capacity to prepare for and don’t forget to make space for impromptu guests
  • Choose music: choose a music that is in tune with your wedding’s style and theme

Three – a month before

  • Print menu cards
  • Make final payments
  • Purchase ring
  • Remind host of your wedding date
  • Decide sitting arrangements and table layouts
  • Send event schedules to vendors
  • Meet photographers
  • Review play list for your band or DJ
  • Send out invitation cards
  • Stock bar with lots of drinks
  • A week to the day
  • Make final adjustments
  • Pack for your honeymoon

 On the day

It is your day don’t forget to have fun. Be full of smile and enjoy your memorable day.