Luxury wedding locations in Los Angeles

Luxury weddings often lean toward the untraditional, which is what makes them so fabulous. Why have something normal when you can go above and beyond to live out the wedding of your dreams and truly “wow” your guests? Renting an upscale home or estate for your wedding is a huge step up from getting married at a standard reception venue.

Enjoy the privacy and intimacy of a private home.
When you get married in a hotel or reception hall, you tend to share the space – or at least the day – with another couple and all of their guests. Even in the best wedding reception venues, this can mean crossing paths with people you don’t know (in the hall, bridal suite, bathroom). If you’re staying at the hotel for a long weekend, you’ll have to share space when dining, swimming and working out, too. It’s not exactly the romantic and peaceful setting every bride dreams of. With a private rental home, though, you’ll know that everyone on the premises is someone you love.

Use a service that sources unique wedding venues.
Venuelust is a cool online service that sources all different sorts of venues. Aside from private estates and mansions, they also find places like farms and ranches; private islands; wineries and vineyards; luxury camps (like where you’d go glamping); and historic buildings that are available to rent for an event. Browse images, read through stats and contact them with any questions you have.

Decide what you want to be included in the rental package.
Some homes are a la carte, meaning there won’t be anything included and you’ll have to source your own vendors. Ask the owner and past couples for vendor recommendations. Other estates will have wedding packages that include things like catering, equipment and overnight accommodations.

Consider how much space you want.
Luxury homes can be petite, like a one-room townhouse for a small wedding, or huge, like a multi-bedroom castle that can host you and all of your guests overnight. Ask about room for seated dining versus cocktail-style dining. Often, you can add more guests if you’re happy to serve them in place of a formal dinner. Also think about the non-reception space – you want everyone to be able to spread out and enjoy the estate during their free time.

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