Los Angeles Luxury Wedding Videography

Beverly Hills Wedding PlannerYou’ll never forget the basics for your wedding day (the dress, the flowers, the cake), but other “To Do” items can be easily forgotten despite the fact that they’d make your wedding that much more enjoyable and memorable. From comfy seating to Los Angeles luxury wedding videography, don’t hesitate to spend some of your budget on these worthwhile upgrades.

1. Custom Lighting

Lighting is like magic: it highlights your favorite details, basks everyone and everything in warm tones, and camouflages parts of the venue that you’re less-than-thrilled with. Hire a lighting designer to transform the space with colored lights, patterned shades, decorative lamps and even chandeliers. As an added bonus, proper lighting will make your luxury wedding videography Beverly Hills turn out even better than expected.

2. Upgraded Entryway

The entryway to your reception is often overlooked, but it’s not difficult to give it a facelift. Have your florist create a display specifically for the escort card table. Place a manzanita tree with flowers or hanging candles outside the entryway to the reception room. Ask the servers to greet guests with flutes of champagne. The entire, pulled-together setting will look absolutely gorgeous when captured on camera by your Los Angeles wedding videographer, too.

3. Out-of-the-Box Entertainment

The best wedding receptions have unexpected elements, like a Spanish guitar player or a barbershop quartet. Make sure that you remember the performance later by hiring a celebrity wedding videographer in Los Angeles - with everything you have to do on your wedding day, you’ll definitely want a way to watch it all back.

4. Plush Lounge Area

Guests are always looking for a place to mingle in between dance breaks. Hanging out at the table isn’t always comfortable and leaning on the bar gets boring after a while. Create a comfy lounge area by renting chairs and couches in neutral colors. Match the furnishings to your wedding by getting pillows in your theme colors. Want to create a VIP section? Close off the area with curtains and drapery.