Beverly Hills Luxury Weddings

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Whether you’re upgrading your entire wedding space or you just want to make your most important details posh, here’s how to evoke the best Beverly Hills luxury weddings.

1. Transform an indoor space to look like a lush garden. Think: flowers hanging from the ceiling, ivy lacing up the walls and tall topiaries flanking the aisle. A Los Angeles hi end wedding photographer will be able to expertly photograph even the most unique elements.

2. You already know there isn’t going to be a dry eye in the place, so why not hand out handkerchiefs to guests before the ceremony? Instead of ordering basic hankies, though, search for vintage ones.

3. Add a playful twist to a conventional wedding. Even if your invitation says black tie, an element like oversized paper lanterns grouped together and all in the same color can be a surprising, chic accent. The key is to add just one or two modern elements like this so that formality remains front and center.

4. Pick what’s most important to you and focus the reception around that. For example, if you and your hubby-to-be love dancing, look for a venue with an elevated dance floor. Point this element out to your hi end wedding photographer in Beverly Hills so he can get it in plenty of photos.

5. Create the style you want, even if it doesn’t seem to coordinate with your chosen setting. Yes, you can have an al fresco Tuscan reception in New York or a retro Art Deco wedding by the beach. It may take a skilled planner and designer to make it happen, but anything’s possible.

6. Invest in quality table linens instead of using what the venue provides. Not only will your tables be transformed, but the overall look and feel of your wedding will be upgraded, which your Beverly Hills hi end wedding photographer will be able to capture on camera.

Adding elegance to your wedding isn’t about showing off, but instead figuring out what’s most important and highlighting those aspects.