Celebrity Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Wedding Photographer When people offer up advice about your wedding, it tends to revolve around how quickly the day will pass you by and what you need to handle common day-of emergencies. No matter how many times you’ve been a wedding guest, bridesmaid or even Maid of Honor, nobody prepares you for the following four things you’re bound to experience on your own big day.

1. You’re going to feel tired. Very tired. Yes, you’ll perk up. Yes, you’ll have the energy and excitement of the day to spur you on. The truth is, though, that you’ll be sleep deprived because, honestly, nobody gets any shut eye the night before their wedding. While you’ll feel beautiful and happy, don’t be surprised if you’re also exhausted for the first few hours of the day.

2. The most nerve-inducing part of the day is the ten minutes or so right before the ceremony. Decide if you want your celebrity wedding photographer in Los Angeles to be on hand to capture true emotion or if you’d rather take some alone time to do a few rounds of deep breathing. You may also want to plan some first look photos with your celebrity wedding photographer - seeing your partner before walking down the aisle may help those butterflies simmer down.

3. The reception may be the longest part of the day, but the ceremony is the most special. The vows and traditions, everyone you love watching intently, truly special once-in-a-lifetime moments...the ceremony is what’s going to stick with you. With a Los Angeles celebrity photographer, you can relive the experience over and over.

4. You’ll be sore from smiling, and not just from the photos that your Beverly Hills wedding photographer asks you to pose for. You’ll grin ear-to-ear all day long because of the genuine happiness you feel and the fact that every face you look at will be of someone you love. Don’t be surprised if you go home with a headache because of all that beaming.