Orange County Wedding Photographer

Anton has discovered and proven that the best way to combine his passions for artistic imagery and photojournalism is through Orange County wedding photography and videography. With his business partner Oleg, these two shoot weddings in Orange County with the focus of capturing those small, meaningful moments that unintentionally slip by unnoticed. With their innovative photojournalistic style and approach, they capture the real, intimate moments throughout the wedding day in Orange County as they unfold naturally. Together these two talented wedding photographers in Orange County live an exciting life of travel, meeting new people and telling stories - all beautifully captured in their vivid, timeless style. We know that unplanned happenings are the ones that make your love story real and beautiful. We will work to make sure every part of your wedding planning in Orange County is cherished and enjoyed without stress. If you're looking for wedding photographer in Orange County with images that perfectly capture the emotion of your wedding in Orange County and highlight your love for one another, then you definitely want to hire Your Royal Wedding. Based in Los Angeles, Your Royal Wedding travels to San Diego, Orange County, Orange County, Orange County and available for destinations worldwide.